Clement publishes in JNM

Ph.D. student Caleb Clement is lead author on a new paper that demonstrates the ion irradiation performance of Ni-based Alloy 625 is agnostic to fabrication method (PM-HIP versus forging). Post-doc Yangyang Zhao and Ph.D. student Patrick Warren are co-authors. This work is part of our ongoing irradiation campaign on PM-HIP nuclear structural alloys supported by NSUF and EPRI. Congratulations, Caleb!

C.D. Clement, Y. Zhao, P.H. Warren, X. Liu, S. Xue, D.W. Gandy, and J.P. Wharry. Comparison of Ion Irradiation Effects in PM-HIP and Forged Alloy 625. Journal of Nuclear Materials 558 (2022) 153390.

New NRC grant on RPV weld risk assessment

We have a new award “Degradation Assessment of Advanced Welds for Pressure Vessels” supported by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The project aims to understand irradiation embrittlement mechanisms in reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steel weldments. This is a collaboration with Prof. Maria Okuniewski. We are seeking two US citizen Ph.D. seeking graduate students for this project.

List of NRC R&D award abstracts

ANS Nuclear Newswire article

Yang publishes in Scripta

Post-doc Chao Yang is the lead author on a new paper that demonstrates how voids can modulate deformation-induced martensitic transformations in Fe-Ni. Ph.D. student Yash Pachaury is a co-author. This work supports our ongoing DOE-SC Early Career program. Congratulations, Chao!

C. Yang, Y. Pachaury, A. El-Azab, and J.P. Wharry. Molecular dynamics simulation of vacancy and void effects on strain-induced martensitic transformations in Fe-50 at.%Ni model concentrated solid solution alloy. Scripta Materialia 209 (2022) 114394.

Kumagai publishes in MTLA

Visiting scholar Kumagai Tomohisa is the lead author on a new paper on dislocation velocity in FeCrAl accident tolerant nuclear fuel cladding alloys. Ph.D. student Yash Pachaury and undergraduate Raven Maccione are co-authors. This work supports our ongoing DOE-NEUP project.

T. Kumagai, Y. Pachaury, R. Maccione, J.P. Wharry, and A. El-Azab. An atomistic investigation of dislocation velocity in body-centered cubic FeCrAl alloys. Materialia 18 (2021) 101165.

Warren defends MS thesis

George Warren has successfully defended his M.S. thesis “Deformation mechanisms in unirradiated & irradiated FeCrAl identified by TEM in situ tensile testing”.

Thank you to Profs. Anter El-Azab, Ernesto Marinero, and Yaqiao Wu for their service on George’s committee.

Congratulations, George!