ODS nanocluster irradiation evolution


Numerous studies have investigated the irradiation evolution of oxide nanoparticles in b.c.c. Fe-Cr based ODS alloys.  But results have varied:  irradiation-induced crystal structure and chemistry changes differ from one experiment to another, and the total nanoparticle volume fraction has been observed to both increase and decrease.  Interpretation of these inconclusive, and often contradictory, results are further hindered by inconsistent experimental conditions, which inhibit our ability to directly compare one study to the next.  Furthermore, there had not previously been a comprehensive review of the archival literature.

In our review article, we summarize the existing studies on nanoparticle irradiation evolution.  We note significant observations with respect to oxide nanoparticle crystallinity, composition, size, and number density.  We discuss three possible contributing mechanisms for nanoparticle evolution (illustrated in the cartoon here):  ballistic dissolution (recoil dissolution + disordering dissolution), Ostwald ripening, and irradiation-enhanced diffusion.  Finally, we propose future directions to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of irradiation effects on oxide nanoparticles in ODS alloys.


  • DOE Nuclear Science User Facilities projects 14-486, 14-485, 15-540, 15-569, and 16-710
  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission award NRC-HQ-84-14-G-0056


  1. M.J. Swenson and J.P. Wharry. Nanocluster irradiation evolution in Fe-9%Cr ODS and ferritic-martensitic alloys. Journal of Nuclear Materials 496 (2017) 24-40. doi: 10.1016/j.jnucmat.2017.08.045
  2. J.P. Wharry, M.J. Swenson, and K.H. Yano.  A review of the irradiation evolution of dispersed oxide nanoparticles in the b.c.c. Fe-Cr system: Current understanding and future directions.  Journal of Nuclear Materials 486 (2017) 11-20.  doi: 10.1016/j.jnucmat.2017.01.009

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