TEM in situ cantilever beam testing

We explore notched cantilever bend testing configurations for transmission electron microscopic (TEM) in situ mechanical tests.  These tests enable us to observe qualitative deformation mechanisms in real-time, alongside quantitative load-displacement data.  We initially investigate a model Fe-9Cr oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloy in the as-extruded and irradiated (2 MeV protons, 3 displacements per atom (dpa), 500°C) conditions.  We have observed superplastic-like behavior in the region below the notch on both the as-extruded and irradiated materials.  We are able to attain meaningful values of flow stress, and observe an irradiation-induced increase in flow stress.


  • Y.Q. Wu, Center for Advanced Energy Studies
  • X.M. Bai, Virginia Tech


  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission award NRC-HQ-84-14-G-0056
  • Idaho National Laboratory/Center for Advanced Energy Studies LDRD Program


  1. J.P. Wharry and K.H. Yano. In situ TEM fracture testing for shallow ion irradiated layers. Microscopy & Microanalysis, 23.S1 (2017) 738.
  2. K.H. Yano, X.M. Bai, and J.P. Wharry. In situ TEM cantilever testing of irradiated ODS to determine grain boundary embrittlement and cohesion. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society Annual Meeting, San Diego CA, March 2017.
  3. J.P. Wharry, K.H. Yano, M.J. Swenson, and Y.Q. Wu.  TEM in situ mechanical testing techniques for ion irradiated materials.  13th International School on Degradation and Aging of Materials of Nuclear Power Units During Operation, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia, October 2016.
  4. J.P. Wharry, K.H. Yano, M.J. Swenson, and Y.Q. Wu.  In situ TEM mechanical testing approaches for ion irradiated alloys.  International Conference on Plasticity, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, January 2017.

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